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Cos D Estournel Goulée

The Goulee manufacturers another renowned name of in the vine industry holds a significant importance in global consumers. The Goulee vineyard is located in a gravelly hill facing Gironde river estuary water flow, in northern areas of Medoc in Port de Goulee and Jau Dignac and Loirac areas and owned by team of Cos d’ Estournel.

Cos D Estournel

Cos d’ Estournel team is dedicating its services in producing high quality of Goulee with high canopy management at planting density of 5700 vine plants per hectare to obtain optimal level of photosynthesis. The grapes for Goulee production is taken place on highly fertilized and cultivated land.

This ideal climate provides extraordinary cooling

The Goulee Vineyards relishes in extraordinary temperature, superb conditions and most suitable climate for growing quality grape varieties. The vineyards are located on ideal geographical position is close to Atlantic Ocean 18 km away and mixed with implausible estuary surroundings.
This ideal climate provides extraordinary cooling for vineyards in summer and comfortable mildness in spring or winter season which enhances more fruity characters in the vineyards and provide more reminiscent world class vines.

Cos D Estournel
Goulée 2010


Goulée by Cos D’estournel was first introduced and by the former Louis Gaspard Cos d’ Estournel who was born in 1762 and derived his extensive and exclusive services in his life and finally died in 1853 at a remarkable age of 91 years. He was also called as “Maharaja of Saint Estephe”. He presented after his curious investigation in distant travelling presented some precious bottles of Cos to many great leaders of the world naming “Returned from India” in his organized celebration at erected pagodas. But he could not sustained the beauty of Cos for longer term and he sold his estate Saint Estephes in 1852 due to reasoning of overwhelming debts to a London Banker called as Martyns

The idea of invention Goulee vines was inherited by observing few vineyards near the villages of Cos in 1811 that motivated him to manufacture high quality vine in separate series. With time many modifications were made by manufacturers but the secret formula running from ancient times cause Cos d’ Estournel vine to jump on high price ranges and to include itself among more prestigious vines and was exported near every part of the world.

The supreme consecration of the work was headed by Cos D’Estournel. But Martyns unable to sustain the estate for being used in long term revenue and sold Cos D’Estournel to Errazu known as supreme class Basque family. But the whole state wouldn’t survive in their hands for long range and resold to Hostein brothers in 1889. Goulee vine was debuted in public in 2003 in the northern areas of Medoc.

The Goulee vine components are fermented at controlled temperature in Marbuzet in a small, conical, and truncated morphed stainless steel barrels and aged in 50% new French Oak barrels. This whole vineyard is owned by Michel Reybier. Cos d’Estournel Goulee is a ripe rich in taste and fleshy color of Bordeaux vine that offers best quality to price ratio produced by high technical staff Chateau Cos d’Estournel.

We highly recommend the 2010 vintage, currently priced at around $25.