Searching For Wine Online

Searching for wine can already be frustrating offline, let’s figure out how hard it can be on the web, where you often still can’t see the bottle and let it inspire you, and were there aren’t shelves that let you at least orient according to wine colour, grape varieties of regions where it comes from.


And yet, it’s not so hard to survive to the the web wine jungle if you have the right tools to search for wine.

If you already know the name of the wine and are just looking for further information on it or where to purchase it at a fair price, let’s be honest – Google is enough in most cases. And often or not, you’ll end on the most popular wine database, Wine Searcher. But it’s often for the wine enthusiast – For those who already know a great deal about wine.

“It’s no wonder only 5% of people actually buy wine online.”


Tipsy Bartender hands you a comprehensive 7 minute guide


But if you’re looking for a wine that tastes like this and that, and which pairs well for what you’re willing to cook or eat, well… Things start to get a bit more trickier. And with no name, a vague idea of price range and without any deep insights into grapes, wineries and regions – It’s no wonder only 5% of people actually buy wine online.

You can always use Wine Searcher in combination with Wine Folley’s fantastic infographic on the basics of wine, works really well. Even if it might be a bit time consuming. You may not know what to pair with spicy food, but you may know fancy sparkling wine.

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But you don’t always need a wine expert – The people’s choice can be as good, or in some cases even better. With Vivino and their Wine Explorer, you can easily browse wine according to dish, price range, reviews and type. While it’s not as high-end as, say, Robert Parker, it’s an excellent site to get the type of wine you want, without a name in mind. And Vivino is surprisingly trustworthy as well as is steadily becoming an authority in the wine world. It’s moving from being the Shazam of wine to an established source for wine.
Also, it would also be nice to narrow the search, to avoid ending up opening a bottle of Bollinger Champagne La Grande Année Brut 2004 (around € 140,00) and find that a bottle of Prosecco Ruggeri Giustino B. 2015 (€ 14) won’t surely taste the same, but can allow you to have a very pleasant dinner and still be able to pay the rent.